Freitag, 29. Juni 2007

student life can be so hard...

studying, studying, studying...
since 3 weeks... another week and I´m free again!
I can´t tell ya how much I´m looking forward to the bottle of sparkling wine right after my last exam, thursday at 12 o`clock :)
But first I have to write exams in the following subjects:
* supply management - really sparkling... I hate it! 50 pages (and I´m not overdrawing) of stupid shit to learn by heart
* labour law - hmmm don´t know exactly, our prof isn´t too good
* human resource management - shouldn´t be too bad
* form of contract in the purchasing department - hopefully kind of easy :)
* tax - the best subject this year. great prof but exacting

my workplace

me working

me 5 minutes later :)

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2007

Crazy weekend

Oh my god... Unbelievable how much can happen during one weekend. And it wasn´t even Friday the 13th...

But let´s start from the beginning:
Friday evening at a mates place. Andre drove to a Chris place to pick him up. Chris lives on top of a small hill. Andre goes inside because they haven´t been ready. As they went outside, his car was gone. He didn´t use the handbreak and the gear didn´t fit propably. So his car rolled down the hill and hit a bench. The bench was deep-seated in concrete and he teared it out completely. First they coudln´t move the car, cause the bench was caught up under it... what a mess!!!

Later that evening the guys went to a flophouse (a bad "club") in our hometown. I didn´t join them because I was to lazy. Early in the morning I woke up to get ready for the wedding and I saw 5 missed calls on my mobile. So I called Andre back. He and another friend of mine got attacked on their way home. A car was driving by and hooted. The guys waved back because they thought, the now the people driving by. They stopped, turned around, pushed my mates in a garden, stole their money and told them to lay down for a minute otherwise they get a knive in their back...
He came back from the police at 9.30 am. We met at 10.45 to drive to the wedding...

The wedding... On Saturday an old friend of mine got married... I couldn´t believe it, not even as both of them said "yes". But they are great together and they looked fantastic. I´m sure that works!!!

The happy couple... Manuel and Tatjana

my mates

on the right side from the front:
Klaus, Nicole, Stefan
on the left side from the front:
Thorsten, Regina and Andre

I was so glad that I didn´t catch the bridal bouquet. Instead I won a cactus. I think it fits better to me! :)

Sonday morning... Klaus - another friend of mine who was at the wedding as well - woke up at 7 am with nosebleed. It didn´t stop for over half an hour so they drove to a hospital. They told them that they´re not in charge, he should go and see an ear, nose and throat-doctor. So they went home again, looked it up in the yellow pages and had to drive for nearly half an hour. By then his nose was bleeding for nearly three hours. He was completly pale-faced and had lost a lot of blood. The doc there helped him and he´s alright again...
But nosebleeding for 3 hours???? That´s not normal!

Freitag, 15. Juni 2007

My one and only love...

Australia, I miss you....

my mates at Menzies College

the two most important people down under
Rabea and Maia


the twelve apostels
great ocean road

Australia Day
Sydney Harbour


australian way of life

Byron Bay

opera house

new years eve in Sydney
Harbour Bridge

Agnes Water/Town of 1770
Scooteruo Tour

Fraser Island

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island



Whiteheaven Beach

Coral Bay, Westcoast

Shell beach, Westcoast

sunset at Coral Bay

Freitag, 8. Juni 2007


Maybe some women aren´t ment to be tamed.
Maybe they need to run free until they find someone - just as wild - to run with.

Carry Bradshaw

Comment to the comments:
Nice, nice... :)
Guys, I like this here! Damn interesting...
@ Matthias... I´m actually not sure if I´m a "wild woman". Depends on how you interpret it.
In the scene Carry states herself as a wild woman she realises that Mr. Big isn´t the right man for her.
I think I´m kind of a "wild woman". I need my freedom more than anything else.
If someone wants to tame me - what happend before - I feel hemmed... unhappy... and become a person who´s not me any more. And at one time, I break out.
So actually I really need someone who doesn´t want to change me and accepts that I need my space and time for my own.

And guys... sorry... but your strategie is not working... not even with a compliment ;) But at least it sounds nicer!

Small plaid or big dotted ;)

another theme party! this time: SMALL PLAID or big dotted... it sounds so wired in english! nobody would have chosen this as a title for a theme party somewhere else :) BUT we had fun! a lot of fun. until 6.30 in the morning... it was already light again as we left the party!

next day: learning... the day after: working. so it was really worth it because soon are exams. and the only party before my exams is a wedding next weekend (the really last time I get drunk for a few weeks). and NO, I don´t just party and get drunk... I also... ähmm... yes... do other things... :)