Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007


--- "Saturday, May 26th: goodbye and birthday party in Pforzheim. Doris had her twenty-somethingst (*smile, let´s say, 25th) birthday and Anica moves to Nürnberg because of her job. We got know to each other really late. Unfortunatly. She´s someone I´m on the same wavelength with. Someone you talk to for 5 minutes and you kwow it fits. That doesn´t happen too often, so I´m really sad that she´s leaving.---

---"Monday I flew to Dresden with my parents. Let´s just say that much: Dresden is nice. The hotel-sauna was great. And I´m glad that I´m back. " ---

---"The flight back from Dresden was my fifth this year. I loooooooooooove flying! ;)"---

---"Since a few weeks I´m afraid that I have the gladular fever again. Everything fits. I´m so damn tired all the time, the lymph glands at my neck are swollen and a few days ago I realized a swollen thing at my underarm. I went to the doc today and he told me that it has to be cut out because it´s an abscess at my perspiratory glands. Great! So they opened it today and I have to say... it f***ing hurts! So I´m on drugs now :)"---

Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

gummi bear - theorie

Maia and I developed a theorie in Australia. Now we wanna prove it and for that we need your help :)
But first of all our theorie:

Maia prefers the white gummi bears and blond man with blue eyes. Let´s say the blonde type.
I prefer red bears and dark eyes and hair. Let´s say the dark type :)

Both of us love eating green gummi bears. So that is the type of men, both of us like. Actually, that´s quite hard to get at :)

The yellow and orange ones are ok, that are the guys we´re not really sure about.

Now we wanna know: does our theory fit? Let us know!!

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2007

Life is great! ;)

Hello everybody out there!

Thanks for all the comments, I didn´t know that so many people acutally read my blog :) Now I should better take care of what I´m writing.
A few people asked me if I´m alright because I wrote a lot of sentimental stuff during the last weeks. Hey, no worries mate! I´m fine, just had a really great weekend!

From thursday to saturday 11 gilrs drove to cologne to celebrate the stag night (goodbye party for our two bacheloretts). It was a really nice weekend and we had a lot of fun! We met a lot of other bachelor-goodbye-parties and I have to say - we´ve been really nice to our girls!!!

Unfortunatly I can´t tell you a lot about our weekend, because the guys have their bachelor party next weekend. And we promised our bridges that we don´t tell anybody what happend during the weekend! ;)

After our exhausting trip to Cologne I went to Stuttgart on Saturday because the VfB Stuttgart (soccer team from Stuttgart) won the Germany Soccer Leage Championship. What a huge party! 40.000 people on the "Schlossplatz" during the public viewing and 60.000 in total whatching the game in Stuttgart. And than another 70.000 people in the stadium... What a huge party!!!

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2007

Me, myself and I

Hey out there! It´s me again... at 2 o`clock in the morning...
Ok, I have to make an announcement:
I can´t stand "me, myself and I" anymore... And I gonna explain you why:

The person I´m talking about is always complaining. "I`m so fat" / "I never gonna find the right guy" / "I`m single for 3 years now"... bla bla bla...
... and never does anything against it!!! Instead of going to the gym I´d rather make a nap or eat a pizza at 3`clock in the morning - yeah, good job! And the next morning we´re complaining again, aren´t we?? I hear myself since 3 years now - "until this summer I gonna loose at least 5 kilos... if not, I... ähm... ok, nothings gonna happen" And nothing happens.

But now I would like to introduce you to the new Ulli :)
The new Ulli isn´t
* so f***ing sentimental at partys just because there´s nearly everybody kissing someone in a corner
* complaining about the boaring lessons at university any more
* complaining about her weight instead of eating less or going to the gym
* searching for someone just to have someone
* writing stupid posts at 3 o`clock in the morning (or stupid SMS)
* jealous at friends who look better / are in a perfect relationship / are whatever else

The new Ulli is
* happy to have a great party and thankful for her great friends
* just not visiting the boaring lessons instead of complaining :)
* going to the gym and eat less. And this time really! I promise to everybody out there! And if not... something has to happen, I just don´t know what!
* writing funny and interesting posts at 3 o`clock about the damn good party
* happy for her friends

:))) Isn´t it easy?? Now everything just has to happen that way!

Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2007

What a weekend!

What a weekend... Maia visited me from Thursday to Sunday. Friday we went to the "International Night" at my university. It was a really nice party. Some people drunk a little bit too much so that they couldn´t come to our housewarming the day after. It was a theme party - "be famous".
The entertainers: Gabriela Sabatini, Nicole Kidman (last seen in Moulin Rouge) and Angelina Jolie (in Thomb Raider).

The guests: Marilyn Monroe, Mini Mouse, Al Capone, The Blues Brothers, Indiana Jones, Erkan & Stefan, James Bond, gardener John from Desperate Housewives

Thougths II

Hey there, it´s me again, the sentimental-Ulli ;)
Just image the following situations I´m pretty sure you all already´ve been in in one or another way...

1.) There´s this old, really good friend of yours... but sometimes you think: hey, how would it be if there wouldn´t be just friendship. I know this person so good, I know what would expect me if we would be toghether and in some situations I could even image to be together with the other person... But you never have enough courage to say or do something because your afraid that it ruins the friendship.

2.) There´s another person you know for a long long time.... and you know, once opon a time you had the chance to start something because the other person was interested. You´ve never been sure about this. The thing is, you could never "try" how it could be with the other person, because he or she was a little bit too interested and it wouldn´t have been fair to start something just to try how it would/could be.
And now there he/she is with someone else. And you just think: that could have been me. And now? Now the person is more interesting than ever before. Nealry every time you see him you thing about what could have happend....

3.) There´s this good friend of yours. A friend where you always felt this little bit more... Every time to two of you meet you thought... I´m not sure if I´m really interested, but acutally, I´m thinking about him/her more than I think about a "normal" friend. But there´s this little problem... He/she is in a relationship... And now? Now there something going on between the two of you. Not much, just a little kiss here and there. On the one hand, you wanna have him. Just for yourself. But actually you just don´t know if the person is the right one. One the other hand you feel guilty. Because you shouldn´t do this. How would you feel if your partner would have someone he would have something going on with? And even if it´s just a kiss.... But it´s interesting, and it feels good. But... would you like to have someone who actually chaeted on his partner with you? The same thing could happen to you one day!

All the situations sound quiet similar, I know... but the thing is... it is all similar. Its all about you and someone you´re just not sure about. An old friend, a guy with a girlfriend...

So there you are. Not knowing what to do and what not. And every day you ask yourself the same question... what would have happend if I... told him how I feel, told him that I want him, kissed him that night, took him home with me?

Would I be more lucky right now? He could have told me, that he feels the same, that he leaves his girlfriend for me, that he´s really happy to have me as a friend but... And than? Is this worth more than a good frienship? Or maybe we would be together today? Maybe he would have already cheated on me with another girl. Or I would have been more interested in another guy? Maybe just nothing would have changed because I wasn´t brave enough to do the right thing in the right situation?
But how should we know what to do?
Who tells us what the consequences are?
How do I know what would have happend if?
And so life goes on and we will always ask ourselves... what would have happend if I...

Dienstag, 1. Mai 2007

Crazy people

Oh my god.... what the "Wasen" makes out of people :) The Wasen is the smaller equivalent to the Oktoberfest in Munich, you can ride roller coasters, eat a "Bratwurst" and drink a "Mass". Actually it´s quite funny there. In the beginning it was a desaster to find a place to sit but later on we got really good friends with some 18 year old boys... oh oh oh... Have we been so embarrassing with 18??? Hopefully not!
But all in all we had a really nice evening and I made some really good pics! Unfortunatly I can´t put the best ones online... I would get killed by someone... :)