Freitag, 30. März 2007


Hello everybody out there...
It´s nearly 3 o´clock in the morning and I´m just coming back from a college party... I´m completly sober and on my way back home they played a sad song in the radio... 3 o´clock in the morning is a good time to be sentimental. Even though I have to get up in 4 hours.

I don´t wanna bore someone, so if your not interested I tell you now to stop reading. If you keep on reading... I warned you! ;)

Am I the only one who sometimes yust doesn´t know what to do any more... I mean... I know so damn many people, I have a lot of really good friends and I have some, I couldn´t live without any more. But there´s still sometimes the feeling... and that´s it? Where´s the one who gives you things friends can´t give you?? Single now for 3 years... It´s enough now. At least sometimes. For example 3 o`clock in the morning when you leave a party where everybody else is standing in a dark corner... or calling his or her boyfriend back home to wish this person a good night...

The next day at uni right these people tell you that they had a big fight and don´t know what to do anymore... Then I´m happy again, because my life is unbelievable good the way it is. After the best year of my life with the world cup and Australia... can I complain? Actually not! But sometimes I feel like... because something´s missing...

So what´s this all about? To loose 5 kilo´s to look better at the next party and then maybe finally find someone?? Or just stop thinking about it because you actually don´t wanna loose your freedom???

Thoughts about thoughts and no answer... tomorrow everything is different and I´m wondering why I told you all this...
Until the next good party, 3 o`clock in the morning on the way home with a sad song in the radio and the same thoughts running through my head... then I remember again, why.

Mittwoch, 28. März 2007

Dance into the semester ;) 28.03.07

Ok ok, it sounds stupid in English, in German it is: Tanz ins Semester... That sounds ways better ;)
Normally this party isn´t too good. But I have to say, yesterday it was great fun! I don´t know why to be honest, because as we arrived nobody was there. But an hour later it was pretty packed and we had a lot of fun!
So meet some more mates of mine :)

And I promise, the next post is over my university or my flat in Pforzheim... I can´t always post partypics... but actually, that´s what I do most of the time... So I hope you guys don´t mind! ;)

Markus, Caro, Steffen

Jana and Olli

Andi, I and Christian

The best flatmate I can think of :)

Freitag, 23. März 2007

snow and friends... :)

G´day mates!
How are you?? I´m freezing!!!!!!! It´s so f***ing cold in Germany. A few days ago it started snowing again... we have between 0 and 5 degrees.
view out of my window in Spaichingen, my hometown

view out of my window in Pforzheim, where I study...
The first week back home we had nearly 20° C and now it started snowing again...

Last weekend I´ve been on two birthdays. One of my old classmates and one of my good friends...

That´s Nicole, a good friend of mine who gets married this year!!!!

Clemens and Stefan

Tantjana (who also gets married this year) and Regina

both boyfriends have been to shy for a picture ;))

Now I´m back from Australia for two weeks. These two weeks I´ve been damn busy with paperwork, uni and so on... But now I got nearly all my paperwork done, I found a good gym, sorted nearly all my pictures from Australia and met a lot of my friends again.
This weekend I gonna go to Stuttgart to party a little bit... but just a little bit... and next week we have again two student parties. So as you can see I´m really busy over here! ;)

Hope you´re all fine!!
See ya soon!

Dienstag, 13. März 2007

Bar hopping and Newie Kick off - 12.03.07

G´day mates, how are ya??Hope you are not as stressed as I am but as fine as I am... I don´t have any time to think back because I already have soooo many things to do. One important thing is to meet all my old mates again and paaaaaaaaaaaaartyyyyyy :)So we started on Monday with a nice champaign breakfast and drunk the whole day through until the actually party started at 7 o`clock. Then we had a nice cocktail and went dancing. It was really good fun and I can´t complain about being back in Germany (even though I´m definitly gonna go somewhere in summer... :))
Jana (my roommate), Sandra and Anita
Björn and I
on the way to the party

my girls: Jana & Anita
Jan & Swantje

Hanno & I

Montag, 12. März 2007

Back home...

Hey guys!
After an exhausting journey of 28 hours I finally arrived back home in Germany on Friday, March 9th. The first 7 hours flight to Kuala Lumpur had been fantastic. I had 5 seats on my own. But it was really hard to say goodbye to Melbourne and all my good friends there, so I couldn´t really appreciate that. After 4 hours in Kuala Lumpur my mood changed. I was really looking forward now to go home. The next 13 hours to Frankfurt have been exhausting, but I got known to a nice guy from Paris (hi Bertrand!) and so it wasn´t too bad.
At the airport I got picked up from two good friends of mine (thanks again Tim and Natalie) and I was really happy to see them! Although I was really exhausted, we´ve been talking the 3 hours to my home town so that I already knew a few news from back home.
I think my parents have been glad to see my in one piece and i think I´ve seen a few tears :)

Over the weeekend I´ve seen all my good mates from my hometown again and I heard some exciting news! Two of the couples get married... I thought I go completly crazy!!!!

On Sunday I moved to Pforzheim, where I´m studying and today is the big day when I see all my mates again! Tonight is a "semester-start-party" so I´m pretty sure we have a big night out! ;)

But now I first have a champaign-breakfast with my roommates!

I would be happy if you guys would say hello sometimes... Let me know how you are!

Big kiss, Ulli