Dienstag, 29. Januar 2008

student life

I know, I know.... it´s been a while... It´s exam-time... And there is actually not that much going on over here.
I had the last lesson of my studies last thursday. And know I´m afraid. My studente life is soon over and I still don´t have a clue what to do with my life afterwards. First of all I have to write the last exam tomorrow. Afterwards I have to decide how my thesis should look like.
There are so many possible things I could write about. Accounting, tax audit, auditing, human resources, intellectual property rights, marketing, corporate law and so on...
Actually it doesn´t matter (that much) about what I gonna write my thesis... but still... I DON`T HAVE A CLUE.

That´s it for now... I gonna let you know if something interesting happens.
Take care

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2008

My B-Day....

I´m getting old :)
Although we have exams starting on saturday a few of my friends came by to celebrate my birthday...
It was a great evening. Thanks to everybody!