Dienstag, 25. März 2008


Oh my god, it´s been a damn long time... but as you will see... you didn´t miss out anything :)
During February I actually didn´t do a lot. I went home for carneval, celebrated as a smurf and a half angel-half evil...

Afterwards I was ill for a week, than I visited Maia in Cologne, where we went to a housewarming party (theme: headdress).

From Cologne I drove right to Frankfurt to see Daniel for a few days.
Back in Pforzheim I spend a week thinking about my thesis :) And I finally found..... someone... ähhhh... stopp, that was a song... I finally found my theme :)

In March I started searching for literature and here I am.. still reading and searching and reading.... :) Inbetween I went to a few parties... but actually, that was mostly it!

Sad life... :)
But during the next weeks a few interesting things are on the plan. For example the cottage-weekend, our housewarming party, a new roommate, Felix leaving for Moscow...

So hopefully April will be more interesting and I promise to write more often!