Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Being home again...

First of all - I wanted to write another post earlier after being home from my trip. I wanted to tell you some nice statistics about how many pictures I took and how many hours I actually spend in a plane. I still like that idea and I´ll post all this one day after I went through editing all my pictures.
But now I´m in the mood to write a bit about being home again...

Arriving in Stuttgart at 2° C was hard. Especially after I was spoiled in England with sunshine and nice autumn weather. Good luck it only lasted for a week and afterwards we had great temperatures for the next for weeks to slowly get used to the cold. Now it´s around zero, I´ve already seen the first snow, got my first two colds this winter, had quite a few mulled wines and it´s christmas time.
Time is running!
I really, really don´t want it to be Christmas. Cause as soon as Christmas is over, this whole year is over and then it´ll be ´10. Isn´t that crazy?

Besides that quite a bit of paperwork had to be done. I´ve finished my tax invoice, registrated my business to be able to work and earn some money again, sorted through a few of my pictures, registrated for my new - f***** expensive - health insurance and started working in my part time job. Besides that first job applications were written and first cancellations came back.
Right now I keep on working part time in my business and still apply for a "proper, normal, money-earning" job, hoping that I don´t have to write 50 or 60 or 70 applications to finally find one.

It was and still is great to see old friends again. Now I just realized how much I missed them and how important they are for me. Quite a few things changed while I´ve been away. There are new marriages to be announced, children to be born, new relationships established and of course nothing waited for me to happen. Being home after such a long time and see your friends being happy in their old relationships or being happy with someone new is great. But it makes you realize that even though you had a great time and met so many great people - you´re now back to normal and still alone. Now plans are made to move in together, marry, get children, build a home, ... and I´m tempted to make new plans for my next trip (and run away from all this?!?).
Being away and not to be confronted with the "real life" makes it possible to escape all this for a certain amount of time. But to come home again makes you realize that this isn´t an option. One can´t keep on travelling and enjoying life cause at a certain point in your life you´ll wake up and wonder what happend to all the people around you - and to you.

Now I try to build my own little "real life". A job, a new home, maybe new friends in a new city. And so it starts all again...

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